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Who are Drakortha Productions?

We create things - such as Machinima, which is the use of real-time graphics-rendering (video games) to make movies. Drakortha Productions has entertained millions of gamers over the past 8 years, and has won numerous awards and prizes. We've made appearances on the Machinima.com network, worked alongside freelance journalists, and been published in gaming magazines.

We do more than Machinima.

We are a creative outlet. We produce many kinds of content - such as sound engineering, photography, video editing, game hosting, and more. If we aspire towards something, we make it happen.

Are you available to hire?

Possibly! It depends on the project and if it matches both our interest and skill set. Joint projects aren't something we often do, and sometimes we take on volunteers who wish to be a part of our projects.

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The Ancient World

The Ancient World is a virtual world within the realms of Minecraft. Starting off as a single player map and advancing to a MP server, it has progressed through the years and is now a deep world in which you can find history in the farthest corners..

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The DC Chronicles

The DC Chronicles follows the story of Andrew Grafton, vault dweller and survivor who must go against all odds to save his vault. Deathclaws, SuperMutants, and crazed robots are just some of the enemies he must face.

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