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The Ancient World

The Ancient World is a virtual world within the realms of Minecraft. Starting off as a single player map and advancing to a MP server, it has progressed through the years and is now a deep world in which you can find history in the farthest corners..

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The DC Chronicles

The DC Chronicles follows the story of Andrew Grafton, vault dweller and survivor who must go against all odds to save his vault. Deathclaws, SuperMutants, and crazed robots are just some of the enemies he must face.

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Machinima is created through the use of existing videogames, their assets, and game code modification.


Administrating an online game server requires deep involvement with the playing community to form & shape a functioning virtual world.

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Once home to a majestic gryphon who's magic brought the forest to life, now a safe haven for little critters & magical creatures.


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Refugee Camp

A group of wanderers came across what looked like the base of a destroyed carpark. Using salvaged sheet metal, plywood, and other junk, they were able to construct what is now known as the Refugee Camp, shelter to wastelanders alike.


World Building

Using 3D building tools, interactive environments are constructed using pre-existing & newly created assets. The following locations can be explored in 3D using a Second Life Viewer

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